Text, Play, Performance

Performances, Curated Installations and International Conferences

Hotel Two Rooms
Live Performance and installation at an International Conference:
Cultures of Translation: Adaptation and Film in Performance at Glamorgan University 2008.
Practice led research investigating play attitudes and conceptual adaptation two-to-two performance – resulted in a series of named performance making strategies.

Curated Installation/exhibition (International)
September 2008
A sole curated exhibition and a commissioning collaboration with Claire MacDonald.
The research investigated the relationship between several roles of the commissioner, artist as writer, curator and speaker/performer. The results written up for a paper presented at the Neuberger Museum of Art New York and an online presence.
I was invited by the Neuberger Museum of Art to present a paper on York/NEW YORK which was part of an exhibition entitled British Subjects: Identity and Self – Fashioning 1967 – 2009. My presentation/paper was featured in the Gallery’s professional programme [link] and [link]. The paper spoke specifically about Brian Chikwava’s text One Dandelion Seed Head and addressed the subtext of his work in the context post-colonial art and notions of ‘home’ and identity.

Writing Encounters International Symposium

York St John University September 2008
Co-curated between Claire Hind and Claire MacDonald. A 3-day international symposium hosting artists, curators, producers, papers, roundtables and installations. The symposium’s agenda focused closely on the encounter between writing and performance.

A one-to-one performance inviting participants’ to engage in an act of penance. The work was carefully and ethically constructed to offer an alternative form of confession whereby the participant did not reveal a ‘sin’ as the ‘sin’ remained private but the penance was performed under the rules and constrains of an Agon. A competitive confession where the winner won a two-night city break to Italy! (Terms and conditions applied).

Archive Talk
Claire Hind, Claire MacDonald, in collaboration with York St John University and the Norwegian Theatre academy. A one–day seminar bringing together artists and scholars to discuss the role and function of the archive within performance. This project will be developed between the two institutions through Claire Hind, Claire MacDonald and Matthew Reason and will host events between York and Norway.

Ghost Track
Solo performance created in collaboration with Gary Winters and Alexander Kelly, performed internationally and researching performance-making strategies around play, intertextuality and psychoanalysis as material. This work will also result in a paper entitled ‘Psychoanalysis as Material’ that researches The death drive that is inextricably bound up with writing, narrative and autobiography’ (Royle, N. 2003). Yet how does the drive function within intertextual practice particularly when the artist uses psychoanalysis as material? This paper draws upon the language of Act one Scene one of King Lear as the compulsion to repeat and deconstructs the uncanny sound scores triggered from the artist’s Nano Pad - a USB controller as the symbol of the unconscious and ‘the ghosts within the machine’ (Ryle, G, 2002). ‘Here, now, I believe in Ghosts’ (Saghafi , K), says Derrida in the 1983 Film Ghost Dance directed by Ken McMullen. This paper discusses both the conceptual and philosophical tissue of contemporary performance making framed through the lens of the female stand up and her ‘slips and trips’ over Freud.

The Voice of Text
Paper at writing space through Open Dialogues, May 2011 University of Leeds
Claire responds to Olson’s notion of FIELD COMPOSITION by examining the voice of text that contextualizes the breath as the core of both performance and autobiography. Claire performs the function of writing through intertextual processes and shares descriptions of her latest work Ghost Track via a series of playful interruptions and slips and trips to the Freud Museum. The gaps that occur in mid sentence are made lively and energetic because they are punctuated by “the working(s) of (Claire Hind’s) own (troubled) throat, to that place where breath comes from, where breath has its beginnings” (Olson). A place where the architecture of the breath reminds us of death.

Claire Hind in collaboration (directed) with Andrew Head (ACTA) from The University of Hull, Scarborough Camps. Claire performs Beckett’s Footfalls at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival 2011. Claire is researching the paradox of performing under constraint revealing the multiple slippages within the attitudes and approaches to text. The work itself is experimental – stick to the rules and stage directions and there is much to discover about the self, other and the big Other in Beckett’s work.

Play and psychoanalysis as material
Claire has developed (through her doctorate at the University of Leeds), a series of named performance making strategies that work through both conceptual adaptation and one-to-one encounters. The strategies were developed through practice using phenomenological methods of collecting data and explicating and analysing that data through play theory. Play attitudes and the slippage in play result in a myriad of registers that affect a shifting contract for participants’ engagement in intimate experiences. Psychoanalysis as material namely composing material through Lacan’s unsent letter, repetitive structures for engaging in text and live action in the context of a Freudian death drive, are creative acts that support the encounter with, and the philosophy of, playing.

Journal publications
The Journal of Writing in Creative Practice published by Intellect 2009
Guest edited edition with Professor Susan Orr: 2:1Writing encounters within Performance and Pedagogical Practice

The Journal of Writing in Creative Practice published by Intellect 2010
Guest edited edition with Professor Susan Orr 2:2: Writing Encounters Self

The Journal of Adaptation of Film in Performance published by Intellect March 2010
Sole authored paper entitled: Hotel Two Rooms The Practice of Adaptation in Performance

Performance Research to be published by Taylor and Francis in September 2011
Sole Authored article: Peep: participation in one-to-one confessional performance